Friday, June 24, 2011

{Real Wedding}:: Heather + Chris

When we had our initial consult with Heather and Chris at Starbucks this past winter we could tell that these two were a unique and beautiful couple.  First off, we thought it was extra awesome that Chris decided to attend.  Not many fiance's will endure the ‘pain’ that is wedding planning, many leave it up to their bride-to-be to make the decisions.  So Chris definitely earned extra brownie points in our book that night.

As the planning developed over the next few months we grew more and more excited to debut this fun, modern , spring-time wedding.   The pinks and greens that complemented the whites and pops of grapefruit were going to look stunning not only on the beach, but also at Chris and Heather’s fab choice for a reception site- The Four Points Sheraton on Okaloosa Island.  Complete with a pool (which Chris and Heather chose to take a newlywed dip in post ceremony!), signature cocktail and sweets bar, their reception was a reflection of a couple that was totally fun-loving and knew how to party!  Congratulations again Mr. and Mrs. Maurer, it was such an honor to help design your Big Day!

And now for a few pics of the design, makeup, as well as the olioboard that gave Chris and Heather our vision for their Big Day!

::The Inspiration::

For the full size inspiration board, click here

And now, for the design and the fabulous makeup!

~Lauren and Alaina hard at work!~

~Heather wasn't completely satisfied with her hair down and curled, she was going for more of the side-sweep 50's look.  Thanks to Lauren's multi-talented capabilities viola!  An absolutely GORGEOUS transformation! ~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Our Faves} Short-Length Wedding Dresses... IT'S SUMMER!

Summer is upon us... and, yes, we are aware that if you are having a 2011 summer wedding that you have most likely already picked out your dress. (If you haven't.... you better get to it missy!) Here are a few of our favorite short-length gowns for those brides having 2012 summer weddings, or our 2011 summer brides living on the edge who haven't found their perfect dress yet. Even better, maybe your having a wedding in the winter that happens to be in a place where it's going to be warm (LUCKY!).  Oh wait... we live in Florida... what do we have to complain about. There are no winters here.... well at least not ones that require to you wear parkas. :) OK OK... rambling on... wait... just you wait until you see the last dress we feature! IT'S GOING TO BLOW YOU AWAY!

So, you see the one on the right? It's kind of the opposite of a mullet, instead of "business in the front, party in the back" like the mullet (made somewhat famous by the movie Joe Dirt) this dress is "Party in the front, business in the back." Now for how we really feel about it.... GORGEOUS! What better way to show off a little leg at your wedding and keep cool, but still have a beautiful full length dress in the back. And the one on the left... that just screams FUN! It's like Cinderella meets Tina Turner... Plenty of leg, while still being a lady of course. 

Ok, so after seeing these next two beautiful dresses from David's Bridal, I drifted off into a wedding daydream. Ummm... the yellow car with that adorable 50's inspired gown... it doesn't get much cuter than that folks (chuckle, I said 'folks', chuckle). The gorgeous detailing on the short-sleeved dress on the right takes this one to the next level in wedding dress ranking! Go ahead... zoom in... you won't regret it!

And now for the main event!!!!!!! Drum Roll PLEASE.....

CHECK OUT THIS DRESS.... The romantic champagne colored one on the left. Look how chic and sexy you can look, while your dancing your little heart away under an outside tent in the middle of your summer wedding.... still 80 degrees outside and you're not even sweating! (Paint your own picture if this one doesn't suit your tastes) Unless you're like me of course... .then you may be sweating, but you'll be doing it in style! Then.... BAMMM.... the pictures immediately to the right, wait that can't be the same dress... can it? Yes, my dears, it is the same dress. Equipped with the most amazing design... a removeable Velcro bottom half. YES VELCRO! I know, I never thought it could happen, but it did, and it's fantastic. Walk down the isle in this gorgeous full-length dress with a train and just before the reception rip that bottom off, and VIOLA! Two looks in one!

So there you have it..... What did you think? Oh wait, I almost forgot about the sexy little dress with the feathers! Everyone loves feathers... right!?! Or do they? What do you think? Would you ever wear a dress with a hidden Velcro secret? Which dress is your fave? Would you even think about ever wearing a short-length dress? Tell us about it! 

Until next time... Shine Savvy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Summer Summertime: Have Gorgeous Skin All Summer Long

Summer is officially here and we are finding that what worked for our skin in the winter does not apply in the summertime heat and humidity. Whether you are prepping your skin for a gorgeous summertime wedding, a tropical honeymoon getaway, or you just want to look your best during the most revealing season of the year, these must have products will have you looking absolutely fabulous this summer...

Protection from the sun is key and should be taken seriously year round, but especially in the intense months of summer.  Origins' A Perfect World line has an amazing, subtly tinted SPF 35 for the face that is loaded with white tea and other antioxidants.  For night repair Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair is a necessity for every woman. This extraordinary product will heal the skin as you sleep and protect the skin for up to 24 hrs against all environmental assaults.

For a quick hint of natural looking color try a powder bronzer. Bronzers can be applied anywhere you want an extra glow and can easily be carried with you for quick touch ups. We recommend Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer for its natural pigments and oil-free formula.

Most of us want a nice tan in the summer but don't want to sacrifice our skin to do so. So what do we do? We shop the self tanners! SCARY! Especially when you end up with orange palms, streaky legs, and those crazy, blotchy elbows. On my life long quest for the perfect self-tanner, I have experienced every horror story you can imagine, but today I have good news! I struck gold at Bath and Body Works...literally. Their Gold Strike Tinted Self-Tanner is amazing. No streaks, no horrible odor, no orange knuckles, and the most natural brown color you have ever seen. Apply at night and then follow up the next morning with Keri's Shea Butter Body Lotion for glistening, glowing skin. Talk about a Dynamic Duo!!

Sweat Happens! We can't stop working out just because its 100 degrees outside, but with all that sweat can come pesky little breakouts. Especially around the hairline, chest, and back. The key to staying clear is immediate treatment; waiting too long to cleanse is the culprit. Carry Pond's Cleansing Towelettes with you to your beach volleyball match, for a deep clean right away. Then follow up with Mary Kay's Blemish Control Toner when you get home. Promise it works....

Do you have any fabulous summertime beauty secrets we should know about? Please tell us about them on our Facebook Page!