Friday, August 19, 2011

{REAL WEDDING}:: Jenna + James: A Vintage, Coastal Kind of Love

Freshman chemistry class; the dreaded requirement that almost every freshman must endure. It’s a class packed with too many students, too many lab hours and far too many homework sessions spent cranking out formulas that many quite possibly will never use during the rest of their college career.   Most freshmen cheer for the day to finally burn the book (or rather sell it back for grocery money) but for Jenna and James, this was only the beginning. It’s where the initial sparks flew and not to spare the given cliche, where the true ‘chemistry’ of their relationship developed.

They are a couple that is near and dear to my heart as I have had the pleasure of being in Jenna’s life since 8th grade. Late, late nights studying for AP classes and test after test after test, afternoons spent practicing volleyball until our entire bodies ached and weightlifting competitions where I was constantly impressed by her stellar strength. Not to mention the ups and downs of our high school careers and constantly beating ourselves up over needing to better ourselves at everything and then finally, we reached college. A time in both of our lives where we would meet our soul mates and a time where even though for many years there were thousands of miles between us, we were always close.  We rendezvoused as much as possible from Melbourne, FL, to Washington, D.C.  Jenna, Meg (another dear friend of ours) and I picked up each time right where we left off, as if we saw each other every day, even though the truth was far from that. There were times where a month or two would go by without a chat, as our busy lives often got in the way. But no matter what, we were always there for one another for the joys, the tears and all the momentous occasions that wove the fabric of our lives.

Fast forward to the morning of her wedding day...having the opportunity to be a part of such a celebration still brings a glowing smile to my face. Sitting in that seaside hotel above the turquoise waters of the Atlantic as a warm spring breeze blew through the patio doors, I watched Jenna put on her stunning wedding gown. It was then that the memories of our friendship flooded back. She looked absolutely breathtaking. The details that she adorned suited her style, her sense of fashion and her detail-oriented personality where she strives for absolute perfection in everything she does. A quality I have always admired in her. From the small feather birdcage clip in her shiny blonde locks, to the peacock feather clips on her dazzling champagne-colored heels. She shined so brightly on this big day for both her and James, there was not a doubt in her glow that this would be nothing short of perfect. It was the day where she would become Mrs. P. in front of family and friends, Jenna and James would show the world their true love for one another by making a commitment to spend their entire lives together, and as Sugarland so truthfully puts it, ‘Stuck Like Glue’.

We at AbFab want to extend an incredible THANK YOU as well for an absolutely MARVELOUS job done by Shannon with Simply in Love Photography. She is based out of Melbourne, FL but travels the entire state of Florida, both East and West Coast, capturing couples' Big Days! Contact Shannon at for more information!

 ~'Love is Chemistry~

I am so incredibly happy for your journey together Jenna and James and wish nothing but complete happiness, years of traveling the world together and a lifetime of pure bliss and love spent building your new life together as ONE. Never forget the love, passion and stares of complete devotion that you two had for one another on this very day!

~Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of this absolutely breathtaking day!~

 All Photo Credits: Simply In Love Photography
Design, Makeup, Flowers and Decor By: Absolutely Fabulous Weddings 

Friday, August 12, 2011

{Fab. Flower Friday}-Riddle me this, fiddle me that, introducing the {Fiddlehead Fern!}

Is it a flower? A weed?  A vegetable?  Frankly, and to your surprise perhaps, it's none of the above!  The  funky, mysterious-looking and lovely fiddle head is a young fern shoot.  It adds a hint of artistic whimsy to any bouquet, boutonniere, or centerpiece and will most likely have your guests staring at it in awe of it's unique presentation.  So if you're not afraid to take a walk on the wild side, consider adding these lovelies to your Big Day!  The plus side?  If you get hungry they are completely edible and we hear delicious sauteed in some olive oil and lemon juice!  How cool is that?

Designs from a recent AbFab Wedding!