Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Cool For School: The Wingtip

Fall is in the air and school is back in session! This is the time to make a splash and leave your mark. Growing up, my Dad always bragged about his glory days. He took credit for introducing the "wingtip" shoe to all his fellow students...claiming he was sporting trends far before anyone else caught on. Well Dad, there is a new wingtip in town and its not those tap-dance looking shoes of your yesteryear. The wingtip we are referring to is an absolutely fab makeup trend that we are completely in love with! With the recent emergence of 60s inspired styles, makeup was bound to catch up and celebrities everywhere are jumping on board. Ladies, if you want to be a trend-setter, you need to hop on this train before it leaves the station! The wingtip eyeliner is sleek, sexy, fun, and flirty! You will have everyone wishing they could pull it off too!

Awe Marilyn and Audrey....How you still inspire us!!

You cannot go wrong by taking their impeccable style and making it your own!

The New Girl~ Wanna dip your toes in the water to see if you like the temp first? Ok. We Hear Ya! Try this half-wing Angie is sporting here on the left. She starts at the center of her eye and flares out slightly. Its a stunner and still so natural. Once you have mastered that, try your hand at something slightly more daring by sweeping all the way across the eye.

The Over Achiever~ You want to stand out in everything you do! Straight A's, super athlete, and show stopping style.....We get it. We Love it! This is a daring look with a flip that may boarder on too flippy, but some of you see this and your eyes light up with excitement. If that is the case, rock it, don't stop it!!
Show them what you are made of girl~

The Drama Queen~ They say, "Who does she think she is?" But they think, "Gosh I wish I could do my makeup like that?".......Sorry was that caddy? Its ok we are in the "Drama Queen" section. Be who you are! Makeup is not about covering up your face or morphing into someone else, makeup is about self expression and using color to tell the world how you feel. Its a beautiful thing my friends! We love both of these looks, they are confident, bold, and dramatic. Just be sure to practice in the mirror a few times first....hehe
Tell Us What You Think?? Are you going to give 'er a try?