Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crazy In Love Couples Contest!

Calling all couples! Whether you are Dating, Engaged, or Already Hitched, we want to celebrate the crazy, fun-loving side of you all. What in the world is better than those shared bursts of laughter, the silly faces that always entice a smile, inside jokes that make no sense, or the goofy voices you only use with each other? We say NOTHING!

The key to a long lasting and happy relationship is a good sense of humor and we want to see yours!!!

We invite all couples to participate in the "Crazy In Love Couples Contest" on our Absolutely Fabulous Facebook Page. Participation is easy and so much fun, and the PRIZES are amazing!

How To Enter:

1. Find the craziest picture you can find of you and your love and post it on our Facebook wall. (You must 'like' our page to do so)

2. Then subscribe to our Absolutely Fabulous Blog. (By doing so you will be officially entered in the contest)

3. Lastly, tell ALL your friends to 'like' our page and vote for your photo! The entire Facebook community can vote so be sure to pick the most outrageous photo you can find.

The contest will run March 31st 2011- April 30th 2011 (voting will close 11:59pm CST).
The couple with the most votes will win!!!!!

The Prizes:

~The winner will receive a $100.00 gift card for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! Thats right folks, you choose the place and we send you the card! That could be $100.00 worth of gas, groceries for a week, or a fabulous night out with you and your hunny. Amazing, right?

~Thats not all....One lucky voter will receive a $25.00 gift card of their choice as well. So, be sure to tell your friends that by voting for you, they can win an awesome prize as well.

~The winning couple will also be featured on our blog. We want to share your secret to happiness with our audience, so make sure you rack up those votes!

Alright friends, Happy Posting and Good Luck!!!!

We will leave you with a little of our own craziness...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

.: For Japan With {Love} :.

How do you even begin to pick yourself up as a country when your world is literally shaken to the core?  The images, video, and stories of survival that have been rolling in every single day have been nothing short of heartbreaking for those of us that feel helpless.  But thanks to the efforts of Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours, they have rallied the wedding community and beyond to prove that with our efforts combined~our impact will be felt.

::Photo: Kim Kyung Hoon/ Reuters::

~Letters of family looking for survivors~ Photo:: Koji Sasahara/AP::

::Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Dylan McCord/U.S. Navy/Reuters::

Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours hand selected Shelter Box USA to the be the organization that would receive their donations.  Shelter Box is an international disaster relief organization that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to those individuals that have been affected by disasters worldwide.  They send lightweight, durable, waterproof and practical items that keep families fed, warm and dry.  The essentials to survival when you are affected by disaster. Thus far, {as of the time that this blog post was written}, the combined efforts of those donating to is at $15,002!  Breaking the $15,000 mark is absolutely monumental given their original goal of $5,500.  The power of social media and networking during crisis is beyond imaginable~individuals whom have never met, perhaps only showing each others work some love via comments and posts, have united to make each and every dollar donated make a difference in the lives of individuals in distress.  Now that my friends is TRUE LOVE.



~~It's really simple actually.  If you are a blogger, join the bloggers day of silence, March 18th by visiting Utterly Engaged here and Ever-Ours here .  No posts tomorrow, but post today about what you will be doing tomorrow instead of blogging to spread the word.   Post, re-post and then post again via facebook and twitter about how you're contributing to the cause and encourage your followers to get involved!


~~It's easy to donate, we did it and so can you! Visit For Japan With Love to make your contribution.  Remember that every little bit adds to one more Shelter box being sent over there.  Curious to know what the box is all about?  Click Here to find more about what goes in the box and how each and every item is carefully selected depending on the area of the world that it is going to.  It's bitter cold in Japan, they will need every blanket and source of heat that they can get.

::Photo: ShelterBox USA::

 Contribute to this incredible cause by spreading the word like crazy and lets show the social media and blogging community what good can really be done through the power of networking.  This cause is so much bigger than all of us combined, never forget that!  So tonight, kiss your loved ones, even if it's your dog or cat, and be thankful that you are warm, dry and have a good meal in your belly.  Thousands over there are without. But perhaps in less than a week or so, some of those individuals, thanks to your efforts, will have many of their primary needs met.  While they may not ever be able to thank you in person, know that in their hearts they are grateful for your generosity.

...::Be Strong Japan, Our Thoughts, Prayers, and Hearts are with you:....

~Love from The AbFab Team~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{Real Wedding}: Steve + Danette's Gardeny Soundside Wedding

When we first sat down with Danette months ago, she told us although purple wasn't really her most favorite color, somehow it was speaking to her as a focal element of her wedding.  There are certain aspects of wedding design which are purely based off of feeling, and we can't thank Danette enough for giving us the foundation for a beautiful palette! It was dreamy when we paired lavenders, plums and blue iris with sage and moss green to create a gardeny, whimsy theme that was fresh and delightful for a springtime wedding on the water.

And they say if the weather calls for rain on your wedding day, consider yourself a lucky bride! Rain it did,  and while plan B was actioned almost immediately, the ceremony and reception came together just as seamlessly as it would have if it was outdoors.  When life throws you rain, throw the celebration indoors right?!  Steve and Danette shared an intimate ceremony and danced the night away, complete with their Mardi Gras masks that spectacularly coordinated with their wedding attire.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!  And 'let the good times roll' they did!  Congratulations to the Cajun queen and the Scotch/Irish king who are a complete match made in heaven!

~Love from the AbFab Team!~

~The guest book table~

~A personalized backdrop to say their 'I Do's'

~We love the pop of purple dendrobiums on the cake!~

~Loving the lavender garden roses and blue iris mixed with white lisianthus and true dianthis (aka green carnations!)~

~Danette's face, although already flawless, was made camera ready and oh~so~GORGEOUS thanks to Alaina!~

~Mom and her two beautiful daughters, who all had been dusted by Alaina's magical touch~

What a grand event!  Thank you so much Danette and Steve for allowing us to be a part of your fabulous Big Day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Whimsical Garden Wedding Inspiration

There are some weddings where the inspiration must be crafted and created and other weddings where the inspiration was just meant to be.  Danette and Steve's Spring wedding was one of those where when we saw Danette's dress, we knew what direction the wedding would take, almost instantly.  A Cajun girl at heart, we pulled together sage and moss green and lavender and plum shades of purple throughout.  This not only created a lush garden feel but also pulled together the several of the colors that represent her Louisiana roots.  The intricate and delicate flowers on her dress became the focus of the inspiration~a touch of garden with a hint of whimsy.   With Steve's roots in Scotch/Irish, the moss and rocks that made a statement throughout the design were a homage to his heritage.  Pops of Louisiana's state wildflower, the iris, could be found throughout and what better way to bring in the whimsy than the use of the fiddlehead fern?  It's masculine enough for boutonnieres, yet soft enough to incorporate in bouquets.

Before we unveil the moments captured of this gorgeous real wedding, we wanted to present the inspiration board that guided us on our design quest throughout preparation.  Inspiration for every wedding is absolutely necessary.  Each wedding we design is incredibly hands on, and not only do we want the overall presentation to have that 'wow' factor- but we want each couples Big Day to tell a story, their story, and more importantly, a story like no other.

To view a larger version of this whimsical, gardeny olioboard, click here.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the Real Wedding: Steve + Danette this week!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tiffany Vaughan Photography and The AbFab Team Take On Alys Beach, FL

When the three of us AbFab girls met Tiffany Vaughan, it was love at first site. We had approached her about doing a bridal inspiration shoot in order to help us build our ever-growing portfolio and she dove head first into the unknown.  After all, at the time we put our feelers out seeking photographers to assist in photographing our work, the AbFab website wasn't even in existance, we had no business phone number and we were all using our personal e-mails to network.  Officially, unofficial, we were desperate to make the business blossom.  

We've known since AbFab was just a twinkle in our eyes that we wanted to focus heavily on superior vendor referrals.  Emphasis on 'superior'~if we were going to hold ourselves to high standards, we knew we would have to do the same with the partners that we wanted to work with! Tiffany Vaughan saw our vision and had the initial faith in us that was just the beginning of her never-ending support for the AbFab Team. What better way to get to know Tiffany's style, spunk, personality and flair than through a bridal inspiration shoot.  When we stepped out of the car at Ft. Pickens on a chilly December afternoon, we witnessed Tiffany pull a pretty, and oh-so- hot-pink chair out of the back of her truck; (or her husband's truck rather though she doesn't like to claim it!) we knew at that very moment this lady in pink was going to do nothing but impress.  

As we winded and weaved through this local historical wonder, everything about her shooting was impecable.  Her attention to detail, her ability to pose the girls in a natural, yet very poetic way.  Her way of knowing precisely what arch and area to be under at a certain time of the day and as you look through the photoshoot featured on her blog, you see the sunlight poking through in absolute precsion. The entire shoot seemed to be telling the story of who Tiffany is as a photographer~ her insanely awesome selection of location, her desire to strive for perfection, her vivacious personality that makes us sing, and her uncanny way of showing those she's photographing that they are the center of her world at that moment in time. A few months later Tiffany offered to let us have some showtime in front of the camera, so off to one her all time FAVORITE locations we went: Alys Beach. There is only one way to paraphrase this place... 'A designers DREAM!' 

The crisp and clean white houses, grey brick pathways, the larger-than-life architecture and lush vegetation provided for a backdrop that only us AbFab girls could have dreamed of. While we all honestly enjoy swooning over brides in front of the camera, Tiffany drew out our personalities making us feel 'bold, sassy and chic'~her signature that she stamps on every photoshoot.

A million thanks to the incredible Tiffany Vaughan for believing in us when few did and riding on this wild rollercoaster ride as our business just begins!  We love, love, love you!

To see the Alys shoot with Tiffany Vaughan in it's entirety click here