Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crazy In Love Couples Contest!

Calling all couples! Whether you are Dating, Engaged, or Already Hitched, we want to celebrate the crazy, fun-loving side of you all. What in the world is better than those shared bursts of laughter, the silly faces that always entice a smile, inside jokes that make no sense, or the goofy voices you only use with each other? We say NOTHING!

The key to a long lasting and happy relationship is a good sense of humor and we want to see yours!!!

We invite all couples to participate in the "Crazy In Love Couples Contest" on our Absolutely Fabulous Facebook Page. Participation is easy and so much fun, and the PRIZES are amazing!

How To Enter:

1. Find the craziest picture you can find of you and your love and post it on our Facebook wall. (You must 'like' our page to do so)

2. Then subscribe to our Absolutely Fabulous Blog. (By doing so you will be officially entered in the contest)

3. Lastly, tell ALL your friends to 'like' our page and vote for your photo! The entire Facebook community can vote so be sure to pick the most outrageous photo you can find.

The contest will run March 31st 2011- April 30th 2011 (voting will close 11:59pm CST).
The couple with the most votes will win!!!!!

The Prizes:

~The winner will receive a $100.00 gift card for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! Thats right folks, you choose the place and we send you the card! That could be $100.00 worth of gas, groceries for a week, or a fabulous night out with you and your hunny. Amazing, right?

~Thats not all....One lucky voter will receive a $25.00 gift card of their choice as well. So, be sure to tell your friends that by voting for you, they can win an awesome prize as well.

~The winning couple will also be featured on our blog. We want to share your secret to happiness with our audience, so make sure you rack up those votes!

Alright friends, Happy Posting and Good Luck!!!!

We will leave you with a little of our own craziness...

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