Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Me Wonder~Wheel

All makeup loving women have wondered what color suits them the best. {Am I a Winter? Am I a Spring? Ughh or maybe an Autumn?} Often times the confusion surrounding 'the perfect shade', can drive women to throw in the towel and give up on makeup all together! Here at AbFab we encourage you not to give up, because makeup is just way too much FUN!
Keep in mind, the idea that you can only wear one or two shades is an ancient concept. With more emphasis on application techniques, the range of color choices have expanded. Modern makeup is meant to be an outlet for self-expression and a way to enhance the beautiful features you were blessed with.

The Makeup Color-wheel has been a staple for determining one's perfect shade for years. Typically, we fall into a certain category, but we can and should venture outside of the box from time to may surprise yourself.

Do Blondes really have more fun? There may be something to that {at least in terms of makeup} Blondes look fabulous in a wide range of fun vibrant colors as well as muted pastels. Try soft blues, pink hues, and peaches for a subtle natural look, then rev it up with a smokey navy shadow in the crease and a bright lip.

Red Hot and Fierce! Oh how we love you in a nude lip. Yes we all know you can pull off the deep dramatic lipstick, but try reversing it will not be disappointed. Grab some smokey brown or charcoal plum shadow and do it up. Don't be afraid to be a bit dramatic, your nude lip will balance it.

Believe it or not, ladies with deep complexions have the hardest time choosing shades. Most colors that are available are typically too light and can create an ashy look when applied. For a natural yet defined look, pick espresso browns, charcoals, and black eye shadows. A natural lip is always great, but don't be afraid to pick a bright, tropical inspired were born for it!

 {The Beloved Smokey Eye} Be honest, you know you want to try it! A smokey eye can be done with any color, so don't feel intimidated by the deep browns commonly used for this look. Pick a shade that you feel comfortable with. For dark eyed brunettes, navy is a gorgeous choice, and light eyed blondes can't go wrong with a subtle bronze.

Try one of these ideas today and share a picture on our Facebook wall.

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