Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings in 2011

2011 Brides absolutely ROCK.  We seriously mean that.  You ladies have more style, personality and sass that you are looking to incorporate into your weddings than we have ever witnessed in any other year.  From ethereal classic, to vintage punk.  Natural chic to modern glamour.  Did we mention we LOVE it all?  Themes have evolved over the years to fit the blending of couples and we at AbFab give two thumbs up to that. Finally the wedding industry is listening to the guests of honor!  City guy meets country girl?  A modern-gardeny wedding is born.  Vintage coffee house chic meets artsy rocker guy and voila, a funky punk vintage wedding comes to fruition.  The possibilities are limitless.  Brides can now combine anything and everything thus putting their stamp on their own unique day.  So scream from the rooftops that you will not fall victim to the box that you might have felt cornered into in planning your Big Day.  Keep breaking the molds and keep those creative juices flowing!  Hats off to you 2011 brides.  Here's to keep weddings 'real', letting the love between you and your fiance carry the day and remembering that that day is all about YOU!  We loved chatting design, makeup and flowers with each and every one of you that graced us with your presence last Sunday.  And to those that have booked us already, you have been a designers dream to work with.  Lets just say 2011 weddings will be nothing short of absolutely fabulous! ( are you just in LOVE with our name as much as we are?!)
Thanks to Pensacola Bridal Loft for welcoming us to the expo this year!

~The AbFab Team~

~Rustic chic floral designs meets modern decor.  We hope you felt at home in our booth!~

 ~Loving the Kale!~

 ~Our Featured Artist: Tiffany Vaughan ~
~~Have we mentioned lately how much we LOVE her?~~

~~An organic combination of Rustic Chic~~

~~For the eco-chic brides out there!~~

~~Aren't you just in love with the moss balls?!~~

Thank you all for an AbFab beginning to the 2011 wedding season!

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  1. Y'all are so amazing and I love you too! Ladies you WILL NOT go wrong with AbFab Weddings at your side through for your wedding design!