Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is AbFab

We have been getting this question a lot lately 'who is the AbFab team?'  Besides being in love with sweet people in love, making people feel beautiful and designing dream weddings into fruition~we are actually all pretty normal (well, mostly :-), down to earth girls who just have a passion that we get to live out every single day now.  But just for chuckles and grins, here are a few of our quirks that make us human:

1.) Totally digs time traveling-movies, books, perhaps someday experiencing it?
2.) Ask her to imitate anything-we mean anything- and she will leave your sides aching from the comic relief that will ensue.  Her latest perfected imitation, just ask her to do 'Your Peacock' by Katy Perry.  It's pure genius.
3.) LOVE LOVE LOVES her pups Maggie and Rambo who tell her she's pretty everyday. :-) (well, maybe it's her in their voices saying this but regardless, we think she's quite beautiful too. )

1.) Her favorite word when she was a mere chitlin barely learning to talk was 'Gee-ba-gee': for those of you unrehearsed in 2 year old dialogue it equates to 'cinnamon' in plain English.
2.)  She joneses for those days when she was a kid and biked EVERYWHERE. 
3.) You might catch her drinking coffee at all hours of the day. Local coffee houses make her swoon. Midnight? Why not have a cup-of-joe?!  She swears the antioxidants make it ok, we think she might be slightly addicted. 

1.) 1) If she didn't care about gas prices and had money to just throw around, she would make the biggest street legal truck/SUV ever and drive it everywhere~ It would basically be a monster truck of the streets!
2) Sometimes when she is laughing really hard she laughs silently.  If you make her laugh you might get to witness this phenomenon.
3.)  In a past life Lauren quite possibly could have been an engineer-she can put her mind to fix anything.  They say this is a highly desireable trait in CEO's of companies. Hmm.....what's next Lauren?


  1. Love It!! What a great post. You three definitely rock and will do great.

  2. Thanks so much Phillip! We're excited for 2011 to be an awesome wedding season!