Sunday, January 9, 2011

'Proud As A Peacock'

3 girls, a dream and a whole lot of hustle.

An Absolutely Fabulous Wedding was conceived out of pure passion.  We dig couples in blissful love, the shimmer and glow of the Big Day, and a bride and groom that let their true character shine the day they take those forever vows.  Just as we love to pull the flair out of a couple on their wedding day,  we too love to express our zeal and passion for life.  During an incredible inspiration photo shoot with Tiffany Vaughan Photography (she is quite possibly the BEST thing since sliced bread.  PLEASE do yourself a favor and feast yourself upon the eye candy that is her website and blog.), Absolutely Fabulous was born.  One of the last bouquets to be created for the shoot became a timeless piece that beholds our vision. 

-The jewel tones that represent a timeless, classic color palette that will never fade
-The shimmer of the broach that embodies an admiration for using all things for inspiration
-The use of non-traditional components that portray nothing is off limits in design

And last but certainly not least....

-The peacock feathers symbolize pride, kindness, patience and good fortune.  It's a symbol of integrity and beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors

It was a bouquet that was stubborn to design and vision, yet came together spectacularly in the end.  The pairing of the bouquet with our model Marias' amazing makeover and modern dress was nothing short of phenomenal.  The excitement and energy that we felt that day (even with our 4am wake up that morning and already 10 hours of hard work under our belt) made us realize the adrenaline rush we get from our creations is an indescribable high.  Perhaps our 'ah-ha' moment occurred that day where we determined we would set no boundaries and place no limits on our creativity.

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We can't wait to work with all you fabulous brides out there!
~~Shine Savvy

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